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ODTUG is a global organization for Oracle users who are looking for real, practical solutions they can apply in the workplace. ODTUG’s annual conference, Kscope, attracts the highest number of Oracle customers and EPM, Analytics, APEX and Database practitioners who seek best practice knowledge and training from industry leaders.

Attendees range from decision maker executives and managers to product influencer developers, architects, business analysts, and administrators. Our diverse participants are responsible for, or contribute to the decision making within their organizations. By attending Kscope, participants are provided with opportunities to discuss workplace challenges with experts in their field while learning from other companies' journeys to successful Oracle implementations.

Who Attends

Did you know that ODTUG Kscope...

• Has the most Analytics, EPM, and APEX presentations
• Attracts more Oracle ACEs than any other conference 
• Has the most Oracle Product Managers in attendance
• Attracts solid leads from more than 500 companies

What are the main reasons people attend ODTUG Kscope?

• To network with like minded professionals in their field
• To expand their knowledge and find solutions to problems
• To present their ideas and work to other professionals
• To explore beyond their field of interest